my creative career began on a sweet summer night in 1994, when an entrepreneur and photographer gave birth to me, darby. i spent most nights scrapbooking or salivating over title sequences on movies. in addition to meticulously planning out my trifold project boards, i have always been a connoisseur of hand-lettering and font pairing.
i began pursuing a degree in graphic design first at northwest community college in powell, wyoming where i grew my love of typography—as well as an intense attention to detail (especially regarding en and em dashes). after completing an associates of applied sciences at northwest, i continued my education at the university of wyoming. there, i discovered printmaking, and a letterpress machine that i'm sure holds more of my heart than any human ever could.
after graduating from the university of wyoming in may 2017, i decided to stay in laramie, where i currently work in a local marketing department, in addition to doing freelance work. within both these offices i work to create marketing campaigns, video adverts, animations, social media plans, and more; all of which line up with my plans to design a better world. 
if you want to talk business, or chat about my one-eyed cat, drop me a line at